Yoga: A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Yoga: A New Thanksgiving Tradition

While it might be customary in your household to settle in for a snooze after indulging in your Thanksgiving feasts, we’d like to encourage you to give something else a try this year… yoga!

Here at the Show ‘N Tell Schools of both Paoli and West Chester, we’re committed to broadening your children’s horizons however we can and one such effort has been our inclusion of yoga practice into their week.

On holidays, it’s always great to find an activity that both children and adults can partake in. And for your littles? It’s even more fun when they get to practice their independence and take charge!

We know that there is science behind turkey and sleepiness (we’re talking to you, tryptophan), but lying down after you eat a big meal does not best serve your body. Long story short, your body digests best when it’s upright. Give some of these yoga poses a try to encourage proper digestion and less bloating, and let your little ones take charge of the “class” … one less thing for you to worry about that day, right?


Bring your hands beneath your shoulders and knees underneath of your hips (crawling position). Take a deep breath inward as you drop your belly button towards the ground and lift your head and chest up to the sky. When you exhale, you’ll round your upper back towards the sky and drop your gaze to your belly button.

Thanksgiving Benefit: If you breathe properly in these poses, it massages your organs and brings fresh blood to certain cells that are responsible for healthy gut function. 

Downward-Facing Dog

Start in a plank position and then press your hips up and back. You can bend your knees slightly to stretch your spine and shoulders, if you’d like. Take plenty of deep breaths!

Thanksgiving Benefit: Again, those breaths that you’re taking are doing good things for your insides.


Place your feet flat on the ground. Exhale and press your feet and arms into the floor while stretching your knees forward. Take a few deep breaths while holding this position and then allow yourself to slowly roll down to the ground.

Thanksgiving Benefit: The backbend that you’re doing in this pose helps to compress the digestive organs and delivers fresh blood to your heart. It’s a great way to combat some of that fatigue caused by poor digestion.

If you and your family partake in this new tradition, be sure to share some pictures and tag us on social media!


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