Water Day’s Return to the Show ‘N Tell Schools

Water Day’s Return to the Show ‘N Tell Schools


This week, both of our Show ‘N Tell Schools (in Paoli and West Chester) will kick-off the beloved summer tradition of Water Day!

What you need to pack:

  • A full change of clothes (including socks and shoes)
  • Swim Diaper (if your child wears diapers)
    • Please do not send your child to school with the swim diaper already on. We need to be able to put a fresh swim diaper on them prior to the water day activities commencing to ensure that they aren’t getting into the water with a dirty diaper.
  • Towel
  • Swim shoes/sandals (not necessary though).
  • Sunscreen
    • Please send your child to school with sunscreen on already. Sunscreen may be reapplied during the water day activities.
  • WEST CHESTER: A non-heat lunch

We look forward to all of the fun we’ll have this season with our Water Day’s! Stay tuned for pictures 🙂



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