Polar Express Passport | Show ‘N Tell School West Chester

Polar Express Passport | Show ‘N Tell School West Chester

All aboard!

If your littles are sleepier than usual getting home this month, it might be because they have been doing all sorts of traveling via our Show ‘N Tell School’s Polar Express. 

Our preschoolers have visited several countries and even a few continents, with more exciting adventures ahead. At every stop, students have learned about the holiday traditions that take place there and how they might celebrate Christmas.

In Canada, they learned about the tradition of hanging stockings. Poinsettia Day, a Mexican celebration on December 12th, is full of excitement with pinatas and parades and the children anticipate the arrival of the Three Kings who will leave gifts on January 6th. Our students especially enjoyed sampling churros and learning about poinsettia plants.

Many students who celebrate Christmas here in the United States are familiar with the nativity scene, and we introduced the importance of this same scene for the Portuguese in Brazil. Much like the tradition of the stocking, students learned how children in Brazil leave a sock hanging out of their window and wait for it to get exchanged for a gift.

During nap one day, our students placed their shoes outside of their cubbies and anxiously awaited the arrival of St. Nicholas and Krampus – St. Nicholas’ devious sidekick from Germany – to see if they would get candy or toys as German children do. They were in luck … Hershey Kisses and coal erasers were tucked inside when they awoke!

In Italy, children wait for Babbo Natale on Christmas Eve though more traditional Italians will wait to exchange gifts on January 6th, which is the day of the Epiphany. The weather outside might be frightful, but the homemade gelato sampling that our students will receive certainly is delightful.



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