My Tooth Chart for National Children’s Dental Health Month | Show ‘N Tell School

My Tooth Chart for National Children’s Dental Health Month | Show ‘N Tell School

We’ve shared information on National Children’s Dental Health Month (February) before, but we wanted to make sure to revisit this topic again, as it’s so very important.

(You can download this PDF below!)

What is it?

The American Dental Association sponsors National Dental Health Month annually in February to promote good dental hygiene habits in young children to get a head start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

What should you know?

As we all know, brushing and flossing are key to maintaining a healthy smile, especially in young children. Teeth should begin to get brushed around the age of two years old using fluoride toothpaste (in case they swallow it). When they have teeth that touch one another, flossing should be introduced once daily. The plastic floss holders are great for little hands!

Not sure about dental visits? Colgate recommends that your child see a dentist by their first birthday!

What can you do at home?

In an effort to make brushing and flossing a happier habit and less stressful part of your children’s routine, we’ve created a My Tooth Chart for your children to monitor their brushing and flossing weekly. Simply have your little one put a big X through the sun or moon when they have taken care of their teeth at the appropriate time of day.



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