Milky Way Farm Field Trip | Show ‘N Tell School

Milky Way Farm Field Trip | Show ‘N Tell School


On June 16, 2017 the Show ‘N Tell School students headed to Milky Way Farm in Chester Springs to see what farm life is all about.

Owned by the same family for four generations, the farm is both a home and a destination. Situated on over 100 acres of land, the farm got its name back in 1947 when the farmer looked up at the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and thought it’d be a fitting name for the dairy barn as well.

Our day could hardly get started without getting to know the animals that live there, right? We saw cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and even farm cats! While we were there, we had a chance to take a hayride, learn about all of the jobs of the animals on the farm and even taste some of the ice cream that the cows there help to make. Fun fact: most of the milk from their cows actually goes to the Land O’ Lakes Cooperative to be processed into various dairy products.

After our hayride and tour of the farm, we walked down to the creamery to have lunch before heading back to our school.

We learned so many fun farm facts on our visit, be sure to ask your little ones about them to encourage story sharing from the trip!

  • The average cow on the farm can produce 8-12 gallons of milk per day
  • The chickens on the farm lay one (1) egg each for all but one day out of the week (they take that day to rest!)
  • Cats on the farm have an important job, and that’s to keep the mice population down to a minimum
  • Ducks, pigs, and chickens don’t sweat so they manage to cool down in other ways such as digging and laying in the dirt (chickens/pigs) and swimming (ducks)

Interested in visiting the Chester Springs Creamery this season?

Summer Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 1:00PM to 9:00PM


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