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Month: January 2020

The Yuckiest Time of the Year | The Show ‘N Tell School’s

The Yuckiest Time of the Year | The Show ‘N Tell School’s


The holidays have come and gone, but we’re still sharing a little something with those we are closest to… germs.

You’ve probably heard of RSV by now, but do you know what it’s really all about and how to keep your little one safe? Have no fear, we’re here to share what we know!

RSV is short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus and it’s a common and highly contagious virus that babies and young children are susceptible to, infecting the respiratory tract. For some, it’s an inconvenient cold and for others it can become more serious. For that reason, it’s good to know how to prevent and manage it.

First and foremost, always pay your pediatrician a visit if your child begins exhibiting cold-like symptoms.

Treating symptoms of RSV is similar to treating any other virus:

  • Get those boogie wipes and a bulb syringe ready as you’ll need to help little ones remove sticky fluids from the nose. Remember, most children cannot blow their noses like we can, so all of that icky gunk is stuck and making them uncomfortable.
  • Vaporizers and humidifiers are key – moisture in the air will help your children to breathe a bit easier.
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration! Don’t forget about electrolyte ice pops… a surefire way to get a little one to get extra fluids and energy!
  • Fever? Your doctor may recommend a children’s fever reducer.

Please, be sure to visit the doctor if your child exhibits any of the symptoms of a traditional cold. Not only are you helping your little one prevent it from becoming more serious (which can lead to more serious treatment options), but you’re helping to prevent the germs from spreading!