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Month: August 2018

Back to School Prep | Show ‘N Tell Schools

Back to School Prep | Show ‘N Tell Schools

Is it just us, or does it feel like we just celebrated Memorial Day and kicked off our summer? Here we are already, in the middle of August and gearing up for a new school year. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

For those of you with preschoolers at The Show ‘N Tell School of West Chester or Paoli who are becoming a little more independent, we wanted to share some different ways that they can get in on the back to school preparations with you and simultaneously get them excited for their year.

The first order of business is one that your child might not enjoy as much, but it’s getting back into the habit of a routine bedtime and wake-up. In the summer, it’s easy to be more relaxed about this, but your morning is bound to be more smooth if you and your kids are well-rested.

On the mention of routines, begin to involve your little one in the preparation of a school day by allowing them to help pick out their clothes, snacks or lunches, pack up those book bags, set alarms, etc.

The first day of school is a great photo opportunity, and many families like to take a picture each year. If you fall into this category, let your kids pick out or give input into their outfits that they’d like to wear. Do you remember how much thought and effort went into doing this as a kid? It’s a lot of fun!

Let your child exercise their independence even further by having a say or helping with breakfast in the morning, even if it’s something simple like choosing a granola bar or yogurt flavor. What might seem like a mundane task to us can be really big and important in the eyes of a child!