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Month: June 2018

Create a Lemonade Stand for Charity | Show ‘N Tell Schools

Create a Lemonade Stand for Charity | Show ‘N Tell Schools

With Summer here we’re experiencing a bit of nostalgia from our own childhood memories, and one of them is a classic … the lemonade stand! There was something refreshing (literally) about having an opportunity as a kid to embrace that independence and set up a shop for all of the neighborhood passerby.


As many already know, we’re big fans of encouraging our little ones to embrace their independence and try new experiences, but we’re also advocates of introducing children to the importance of doing good and making a difference in the community.

When you are going through your garage or shed this season, take a peek and see if there are any materials you could lend to your children for their seasonal operation: a homemade lemonade stand!

With just some boxes/crates or a plastic picnic table from the backyard, they can be in business. Get those creative juices (are we punny yet?) flowing and have them create their own signage too – the more color the better!

At home, you’ll be able to hop online or look into your old recipe books for plenty of homemade lemonade recipes … so many people swear by recipes that have been in the family for years (or cabinets … powdered mix is not disqualified)! Feel free to jazz the traditional lemonade recipe up by making a watermelon or strawberry version too and maybe even infused sweet treats, like cupcakes.

In a digital age, you can even share your lemonade stand entrepreneurs on Facebook to your friends and family and can encourage them to swing on by. Not only does the face-to-face interaction help children to develop their social skills, but they’ll be thrilled with the business!

One of the key parts of this concept is that they take their earnings and do something kind with them for someone else. It’s never too early to encourage fundraising!