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Month: May 2018

Rainy Memorial Day (or Weekend!) Ideas

Rainy Memorial Day (or Weekend!) Ideas

On a day that we will be taking time off from the grind of our daily lives to remember those who died in active military service, we also like to spend quality time with loved ones and cherish the time and memories that we make together.

A weekend that is often spent outdoors and signals the beginning of a new season for many, Memorial Day 2018 might be wet and keep us indoors instead of out. If you’re already working to come up with some ideas to pass the time this weekend, or any rainy day really, we’re here to provide some inspiration.

  1. Forts.

We’re not sure this needs much explanation, but go ahead and get silly building a fort together as a family! Not only is it the perfect cozy spot to snuggle up on a rainy day, but if you have any little ones that are afraid of thunderstorms, it’s a great safe space to hide out and get away from it all. Bonus points if you pretend that you’re camping!

2. Indoor Picnic

Picnics and BBQ’s are some of the quintessential traditions that we conjure up when we think of Memorial Day, and the rain shouldn’t put a damper on that! Spread out the blankets, use the plastic cutlery and feast (without the itchy grass!).

3. The Devon Horse Show

A tradition along the Main Line, our infamous Devon Horse Show kicks off today (Thursday, May 24). While it might be a little wet, there’s plenty of places to walk around when there’s a lull in rain showers and the old-fashioned fair can’t be beat! Can’t make it out this weekend? It runs until June 3, 2018!

4. Longwood Gardens

We’re big fans of the Conservatory when it’s gross outside because it feels like we’re strolling around on a tropical vacation. Over the long weekend, Longwood Gardens will be putting on fountain shows (some of which you can peek at through the windows of the Conservatory) and will also have some performances. It’s always a great family-friendly location in Chester County to check out.