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Month: April 2017

Earth Day | Show ‘N Tell School

Earth Day | Show ‘N Tell School


It’s only fitting that Earth Day (April 22) is celebrated in Spring… everything is finally coming alive and after months of Winter we can all appreciate and welcome the warmer season.

The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and was the start of the modern environmental movement. Today, we work hard to continue that movement and to show our Show ‘N Tell School students the importance of loving our planet.

Interested in celebrating Earth Day at home?


You’ve heard this one time and time again, but that’s because it’s so very important. Not only does planting trees increase the aesthetic of our communities, but they provide oxygen and improve air quality, absorb and store rainwater, and act as a home for our furry friends in nature. Trees are essential to our ecosystem and by planting more, we’re helping to maintain that balance. Since we’re a growing population, we’re losing more of our forests even in our own neighborhoods. 


As humans, we create a lot of waste and that waste can have a negative impact on our environment. By recycling, and teaching your children to recycle, you can contribute to the reduction of pollution (and energy) caused by waste and they can carry those positive habits into their lives as they grow. 

Shop Local

Give your local farmer’s market a try this season! Not only will your purchases from a market support local business owners, but you’re helping our planet by cutting carbon emission pollution down which (in this instance) stems from the travel of food to our grocery stores.

Taking care of Mother Nature doesn’t have to be tricky, and we look forward to hearing how you celebrate Earth Day together this year!