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Month: March 2017

St. Patrick’s Day at Show ‘N Tell School | Show ‘N Tell School

St. Patrick’s Day at Show ‘N Tell School | Show ‘N Tell School

Last week, our Show ‘N Tell Schools in West Chester and Paoli celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. While we didn’t catch any leprechauns, we saw quite a bit of evidence from their visit and enjoyed all of the fun activities in our classes. (Scroll down for images).

In West Chester, the students set out traps for the leprechauns that they had made in their preschool class and set them out with Lucky Charms and rainbows in hopes of catching a couple of leprechauns.

When we got to class on Friday morning, it was clear that the leprechauns fooled us again. Our traps were ripped and there was a mess of glitter all over the place… those silly leprechauns! We were excited to see that when they were running away they couldn’t bring their pot of treasure with them and it was full of necklaces and gold coins for us to enjoy. Our exciting day continued with snacks, music and a special movie showing of Inside Out.

Meanwhile, in Paoli….

OurĀ Infant Class played ‘bobbin’ for gold’ with the kiddie pool ball pit. As it turns out, our little ones preferred to swoosh the balls around instead!

Our Young Toddler Class was dressed in lots of green and loved trying their Irish Milk which the leprechauns dyed green with food coloring overnight. What fun!

In the Older Toddler Class, we made Irish Potatoes with Miss Devon, Miss Staci and Miss Becca. We got to roll out our dough, put flaked coconut on them and then roll them up in the cinnamon. These didn’t last long once snack time came around!

Over in the Preschool Class, we spent some time investigating the mess of the leprechaun who visited us. He used our potty and made the toilet water green, put a spell on the milk and turned it green and even escaped our trap! We enjoyed reading his sassy note that said, “Better luck next year!”.

Challenge accepted Leprechaun! We’re going to be ready for you.