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Month: February 2017

Paoli Launches Spring FUNdraiser | Show ‘N Tell School

Paoli Launches Spring FUNdraiser | Show ‘N Tell School

Photograph Courtesy of Claire's Gourmet
Photograph Courtesy of Claire’s Gourmet

Our annual Spring FUNdraiser with Claire’s Gourmet is back and will be kicking off on Monday, February 27. Families and staff members will be selling cookie dough, gourmet desserts, and pizza to their friends and families to support our Show ‘N Tell School. This year, all proceeds from the fundraiser will go first towards transportation for our Preschool Class Summer Field Trips.

If additional funds are raised, we hope to put them towards fulfilling teacher’s wishes for the summer (outdoor equipment/projects).

This year, the family that sells the most goodies (in dollar amount) will receive a $100 tuition credit for the month of April! 

All order forms will be due back to Miss Liz’s Office by March 20. Goodies will be delivered by April 10 – just in time for the Easter holiday.

National Children’s Dental Health Month | Show ‘N Tell School

National Children’s Dental Health Month | Show ‘N Tell School


Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Our Show ‘N Tell School’s have been talking to our students about oral hygiene so that they can practice healthy habits at home.


When should I take my child to their first dental appointment?

It’s recommended to take your child to their first dental appointment by their first birthday, even though they might only have a handful of teeth.

How should I handle oral hygiene for a baby that doesn’t have teeth yet?

Even when your little one doesn’t have their teeth, gum health is still important. You can take a damp cloth (or a wet toothbrush with soft bristles) and rub their gums after feedings. When they do start to show their first teeth, be even more mindful of cleansing to prevent tooth decay (those first teeth are susceptible!). It’s also important not to have them go to bed with anything other than water, because milk and juice can cause cavities and sometimes if they keep the bottle in their mouth for too long (often for comfort) it can cause problems.

When should I start brushing my child’s teeth with toothpaste?

After you start to notice that most of their baby teeth have grown in (usually around 1.5 or 2 years of age). You’ll want to start brushing twice a day, but only with a small bit of fluoride toothpaste (they say about the size of a grain of rice).

Oral hygiene isn’t just a practice, it’s an education. Talk to your children about the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing so that they understand the importance of keeping their teeth, gums and tongue clean and allow them to give brushing and flossing a try so that they can get familiar with the motions.