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Month: November 2016

Instilling Gratefulness | Show ‘N Tell School

Instilling Gratefulness | Show ‘N Tell School

attitude-of-gratitudeAs adults, we’re grateful for so many things every day, and it’s up to us to teach and instill gratefulness in our children. Many children experience gratitude, but they don’t actually understand what they are feeling and it’s important to encourage those behaviors and feelings. Here are a few ways that we can show our young children how to express their gratitude this holiday season:

  1. Count your blessings. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to have your children share what they are grateful for. It’s inevitable that material objects will come up here, but encourage your little ones to talk about family and friends too or special memories from the year that they feel lucky to have experienced.
  2. Give back. The Main Line offers plenty of opportunities to volunteer with your fellow community members; however, there are plenty of ways to teach your children the importance and meaning of giving back without even leaving your neighborhood. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor that would appreciate their leaves getting raked or snow shoveled in a few months? Are there any neighbors that might be feeling under the weather and would appreciate a hot bowl of soup delivered, or holiday cookies?

Our own school works hard to give back to the community year-round, and this holiday season Paoli is partnering with the Delaware Valley Children’s Charity 2016 Holiday Program. In our newsletter, we provided information on a local child being sponsored by each of our classes and we’re looking forward to providing these children with a new gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. You’d be surprised at how willing your child might be to get involved in helping select a special gift!

Teaching gratitude isn’t a tricky task, but it’s one that is so incredibly important.

Show ‘N Tell School West Chester Celebrates Button Day

Show ‘N Tell School West Chester Celebrates Button Day

On November 16, 2016 our Show ‘N Tell School of West Chester celebrated National Button Day. Founded in the 1930s, the National Button Society recognized collecting buttons as a hobby, and today, there are plenty of folks who are still collectors.

In class, we encouraged our students to wear clothing with buttons to school that day, and we saw one student with a total of 14 buttons on… wow!

Additionally, our Toddler and Preschool groups both made projects with all kinds of buttons varying in color, shape, and size. Do you have any button collectors in your household?

Linvilla Orchards Field Trip | Show ‘N Tell School

Linvilla Orchards Field Trip | Show ‘N Tell School

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Before Halloween, our Paoli and West Chester Show ‘N Tell Schools took a trip to one of our favorite seasonal destinations – Linvilla Orchards which is located in Media, PA.

We started off our day with a hayride around the orchard pulled by a tractor, and it was fun to see the orchard’s festive decorations for Halloween.

Afterwards, we walked over to The Barnyard where we were able to see all sorts of lovable animals. We were especially surprised to see how many variations of chickens were on the property!

We had some lunch, but enjoyed some time on the playground and weaving our way through the maze.

No trip to the orchard is complete without stopping into the shop for apples, pumpkins and delicious cider.

We’d say it was another successful trip to Linvilla with our students!