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Month: October 2016

West Chester Show ‘N Tell School Hosts Kiddie Prom

West Chester Show ‘N Tell School Hosts Kiddie Prom

Our West Chester Show ‘N Tell School recently held a “Kiddie Prom” for their students, and it sure was a hit!

Thinking back to our own experiences, some of the most exciting parts of prom memories revolved around the anticipation of the day, getting gussied up and dancing the night away. Our students have a pretty strict bedtime, so we partied the day away.

Students donned some of their fanciest threads and cut up a rug on the dance floor with us. Not only did we get to play Freeze Tag and Hot Potato, but we were able to learn some dance party favorites, such as the Monster Mash and Thriller.

Is any prom complete without snacks? After working up a sweat on the dance floor, we quenched our thirst with tasty punch and refueled with cookies.