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Month: August 2016

Please Touch Museum Field Trip | Show ‘N Tell School

Please Touch Museum Field Trip | Show ‘N Tell School

We have a feeling that this past weekend was full of spirited conversation from your little ones. Why? On Friday, our Paoli and West Chester Show ‘N Tell School’s visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia!

There is nothing better than a field trip where you get to use your imagination and explore an entire museum filled with things you’re supposed to touch!

The Please Touch Museum was full of interactive exhibits that allowed children of all ages to get involved and play. Our students were hard pressed to find an exhibit that didn’t continue to offer endless entertainment and a healthy dose of education.

Our day began with the Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel, a 5-minute ride on an early 1900s carousel that hosts 52 wood-carved animals and over 1,000 lights. It  was originally housed in Woodside Park, and now sits in the museum where it provides children with a lesson in history… and lots of smiles!

Following our carousel ride, we stopped over to the Imagination Playground, where we were able to build with giant foam blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unstructured play allowed us to practice our problem-solving while still being creative.

Roadside Attractions was a real favorite amongst the group as we witnessed life in the Philly fast lane… we ‘drove’ a SEPTA bus and relaxed in City Park in this exhibit that mirrored real-life Philadelphia transportation. The make-believe simulation experiences were great for our students who then moved into the Space Station. Here, the children learned about building a 2-part rocket, the movement of those rockets and the solar system. Our students were exceptionally excited when they were able to shoot their rockets through the rotating hoops in the middle of the room!

On the lower level of the museum, the students explored the lives of community helpers in the City Capers exhibit. A construction zone, ShopRite supermarket and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia medical center set the stage for imaginative play for the students to enjoy. Shortly afterwards, our students moved to the Wonderland exhibit. By maneuvering through a maze fit for Alice herself, the students worked on their decision-making skills and spatial awareness!

Our final stop was the River Adventures exhibit. This sensory-based exhibit had our students’ brains moving and our shirts a little damp! Using the geography of the water tables, our students worked tirelessly to get their sailboats around the waterways while sidestepping shooting jets, canals and other students’ sailboats! It was an exceptionally fun and refreshing exhibit to visit just before we cleared out for the day.

The Please Touch Museum was a valuable field trip to experience this summer as a reminder that we can continue to learn in our daily lives through play. Think of different ways that you can teach your child about the world around them through play and exploration each day… you’ll be surprised what they learn, and love, along the way!

Playdium Downingtown Field Trip for Show ‘N Tell School

Playdium Downingtown Field Trip for Show ‘N Tell School


Our Summer has been full of exciting field trips, and last week was no exception. This year, the Show ‘N Tell Schools of West Chester and Paoli visited the Playdium in Downingtown for the first time.

Our kids had a blast playing in the soft play area, which features a climbing wall, tunnels to crawl through (a favorite amongst our group!), slides, trampolines and obstacle courses.

The slide brought us from the top of the tunnels/tubes that we crawled through and back down to the entrance… what a ride!

When we needed a little break, we popped into the state-of-the art arcade full of favorite games and some classics such as skee-ball. We played so many games that we were able to pick out prizes to come home with!

Science at Home | Show ‘N Tell School

Science at Home | Show ‘N Tell School



This week, our West Chester school has had their Mad Science focus. How often do our children ask the question “Why”? Children are naturally inquisitive and willing to learn, so it’s important to introduce the sciences to them at an early age so that they can start learning about the world around them and also seeing that science can be fun. The earlier we start providing them with a positive experience, the more likely that they’ll have better feelings towards the subject matter as they get older.

As we start to get into a rainier part of the season, take advantage of a day inside and whip up a fun experiment right in your own kitchen!

In West Chester, the school conducted an experiment using Pop Rocks candy and soda with a balloon on the top. The students loved watching the side react to the candy and fill the balloon up with gas! Below, you’ll find another simple experiment that is just as exciting for the little ones.

Dancing Raisins 

  • carbonated water + regular tap water
  • 2 clear glasses
  • raisins

Allow your child to help you pour some of the carbonated water into a clear glass, and then add a few raisins. They’ll love seeing what happens next as the raisins begin to dance around! Pour tap water into a different glass, and notice how the raisins in this glass don’t move around.

With any science project, it’s important to ask your children to make some guesses about what might happen beforehand and the following your experiment, talk to them about why they think that it happened the way that it did. The more conversation and thinking that you can get them to do, the better!


Show ‘N Tell School Bowls

Show ‘N Tell School Bowls

Strikes, Spares… oh my! On Friday, our Show ‘N Tell Schools in West Chester and Paoli visited the local bowling lane for a couple of games. Miss Sandy came prepared with a list of everyone’s shoe sizes, which was a huge help in getting us into our snazzy footwear for the lanes.

When the bumpers went up onto the lanes, we were able to explain the game to our younger crowd before splitting into teams. Our students had so much fun seeing how many pins they could knock down and who could knock down the most on their turn.

Soon enough, it was time for lunch. Our students ate pretty quickly… we had a feeling that they wanted to get back to bowling!