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Month: July 2016

Bounce U Exton Field Trip

Bounce U Exton Field Trip

Our Show ‘N Tell School locations in West Chester and Paoli boarded buses at 9:00AM on July 22, 2016

to head out for our field trip to Bounce U of Exton. We arrived a half hour later, slipped on our socks (a MUST in the bounce rooms) and as our students made their way into Room #1, their eyes lit up!

The Kidz Bop songs playing over the speaker system got the kids amped up to bounce their day away, and bounce they did. Our students had the opportunity to race one another through a large obstacle course battling ‘rock walls’, climbing through ‘trees’ and under ‘logs’. We learned that we have some brave kids in our school, even the little ones, that braved the big slide! For our sports fans, the basketball bounce house was a huge hit.

After playing in Room #1, we transitioned into Room #2. This room hosts a projector on the ceiling that permits the children to play multiple group games on the floor such a soccer and tennis. Also in this space was a steep ‘rock wall’ that students were able to climb, and then slide back down (even our little ones had the opportunity to do this, as our teachers and summer campers were happy to lend a hand – a wonderful demonstration of teamwork!). If you’ve seen the show “Wipe Out”, you can imagine the hilarity that ensued when we tried the large obstacle course in this space… even some of the teachers got in on the fun (Note: The students did WAY better than the teachers).

By this time, we worked up a big appetite and we were ready for some fuel. After being escorted to the party room, we were provided pizza and juice plus Miss Tyler distributed goldfish and fruit cups to hold the gang over until snack time.

Our day ended back at school just in time for some much needed naps to recuperate from our wild trip… what fun!